This is a space for other quirky amazing moms... and believe me, you're amazing. Even if you didn't get a shower today, even if you're still wearing yesterday's yoga pants. There's no judgement for sipping wine after a long day, although I'm a Malibu in Dr Pepper girl myself. But the primary reason for Magic in the Mess, is to recognize 2 core things...

1. Some people think that kids ruin your life, but we know our kids are amazing (yes aggravating sometimes, but amazing too!), and we wouldn't trade them for the world.

2. We're more than Moms. Sometimes that title becomes so ingrained in our lives, that people fail to see us as anything but. We simultaneously get overlooked because we're moms, and get too many things piled on us because we're moms.

So here's to us. Here's to the mess. And here's finding a little something magical in your day (even if it was 5 minutes alone in your bathroom).